KFC Coupons and offers – best offers on Wednesday

KFC has best offers on Wednesday but Not only Wednesday following offers are available throughout the Week. This is the best place to look for KFC coupons and offers

Flat 15% OFF on orders of Rs 450 & above- KFCD02

Who doesn’t love discount, and when a simple code can offer you up to 15% off, one is ought to get it fast. This offer is valid for bill amount 450 excluding taxes and cannot be clubbed with other offers. A crazy discount of up to Rs. 1000/- can be availed by this code.

New chick and share Bucket

Believe it or not, but you can buy, any of the 4 new value chicken buckets at just Rs. 299/- . The four options you have are: 15 pc hot wings, 5 pc hot and crispy, 10 pc strips or extra-large popcorn. So Munch on for just Rs. 299/-

popcorn chicken kfc at Rs 299/-

The love for grilled and smoky is fantastic when you can avail it at only 299/- only. Get popcorn chicken kfc at only 299/-

5 in 1 Zinger box only at Rs. 179/-

Sometimes we feel to relish all the best items, This 5 in 1 zinger box offers you all, it includes Chicken Zinger, 1 pc veg strip, Lotte choco pie, 2pc Hot wings & pepsi,

4 pc Hot wings at Rs 109/-

Some people like it spicy, When KFC meets Spice, the combination are great. You can get 4 hot wings at only 109/-

Zingers in Rs 350/-

Going out with friends and family is a total delight, and when you can get 4 zinger burgers at only Rs 350/- it adds to the pleasure.

Friday Offer – Buy 6 pc of Smoky Grilled Chicken & Get 3 pc Smoky Grilled FREE

When you held strong all through the week, you deserve something good to eat. At the price of 6 you can get 9pc smoky grilled chicken.  Friay gets even more exciting

2pcs Hot & Crispy Chicken at Rs. 110

Crispy outside and juicy inside chicken is simply irresistible. You can buy 2 pc hot & crispy at only Rs 110/-

6pc Hot & Crispy, 6pc Boneless & 6pc Hot Wings Chicken at Rs 499

Enjoy 6pc Hot & Crispy, 6pc Boneless & 6pc Hot Wings Chicken at Rs. 499/- , it’s like best of all worlds

5 in 1 Rice Box at Rs 179

KFC offers you 5 in 1 rice box at just Rs. 179/- Along with Rice one gets 1pc hot & crispy chicken, 2pc Hot wings, Lotte choco pie & Pepsi.

Friendship Bucket at Rs. 499

For all your chossy friends an family memebers, this offers can help them eat ehatever threy fell like, you geet 3pc Hot & Crispy plus 3pc Hot Wings plus 3pc Boneless Strips plus Large popcorn at only Rs 499/-

8 Pc of Hot & Crispy Chicken at Rs 525

The trademark f KFC, hit and crispy is valuable at only 535/- for 8 pc.