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The Naadee Development Corporation (NDC) is a certified 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that services the veteran community. Our staff is mainly composed of fellow service-connected disabled combat veterans from various Armed Services branches.

The NDC has four types of clientele

  • veteran

  • local colleges and universities

  • fellow organizations that service veterans

  • partnered employer companies

NDC staff designs unique military to civilian workforce programs that assist veterans by connecting them to training, benefits, and job placement. The focus of NDC programs are to educate veterans who are under or unemployed through various programs to ensure they are “Job Ready.” In partnership with fellow organizations that service veterans and local colleges and universities the NDC creates and host various programs to address career transitioning, interviewing skills, resume building, military MOS to civilian job counterpart and business etiquette. For partnered companies, NDC assists companies with veteran hiring, integration of veterans and consulting on obtaining a Veteran Friendly Employer status. Ultimately, NDC programs improve the quality of life of veterans, their families and the overall community.

How we started

In 2014, NDC was created to support veterans in their transitions from military service to the civilian workforce. Passionate about helping others Sheila Konanur, the Chairman of the Board, wanted to develop a training program. More specifically, as a child of a cardiologist that practiced at a Veterans Administration Medical Center, Sheila saw firsthand the struggles of our Nation’s Heroes. Through the collaboration of fellow NDC team members, all efforts have been dedicated to helping veterans faced with employment barriers, by creating exclusive transitioning programs.

NDC commenced in 2014, with the vision of our CEO and a veteran, with a plan to help others with job training and placement. The Director of Business Development and Strategic Planning Advisor to the Board of Director Michael Zimnicki, being a veteran himself, wanted to assist veterans.

NDC was able to grow with the addition of Heather Turner, the Director of Public Relations and Legal Advisor to the Board of Directors. Within a few months, the NDC experienced success with job placement of veterans making possible for Shawn Wilson, our Director of Programs and Veterans Benefit Advisor to the board of Directors, to join the NDC team. Recently the NDC has welcome Nimsy Garcia, an intern through the Veteran Administration Federal Work-Study Program.

Our Vision and Missions

The impact vision statement

The NDC will impact veterans’ lives by assisting in a transition to the civilian workforce by ensuring the veteran is effectively using their earned benefits, better job readiness accomplished through programs to teach: networking, resume building, business etiquette and mock interviews; having more veterans in prominent careers, and through education of partnered employers on veteran leadership capabilities, military job translations and veteran friendly employer benefits.

The image vision statement

The NDC board and executive team envisions an organization seen by the veteran community and strategic partners as: Passionate individuals with supreme leadership, excelling in the creation of a diverse empowered community, a highly innovative organization with which to become involved, a pillar in the veteran community and a premier resources for veterans.

Mission Statement

To transition veteran into the civilian workforce

At NDC we believe in

  • Empowerment

  • Passion

  • Innovation

  • Collaboration of Community

  • Commitment

  • Leadership

Naadee Civilians Apprenticeship Program (nC31)

NC31 Apprenticeship program for Civilians and Job Seekers with barriers.

NC31 is for displaced civilians to gain current skills needed to reenter the job market. The goal is to build long term solutions for job seekers who qualify for one of our programs which will lead to sustained employment. Other resources to assist veterans, civilians and their families are available through partner agencies to enhance their quality of life.

To learn more about our services please contact us at veterans@naadee.org

Civilian direct placement program (nC33)

This program helps partnered companies connect to civilian job seekers with barriers to quality employment. These civilians have graduated from the apprentice program and ready to renter the job market. Partnered companies will choose the best match for each opening or continue to permanent employment after their onsite apprenticeship is complete. These civilian workers will be qualified and prepared by the NDC to ensure seamless transition for both employer and job seeker.

To learn more about our services please contact us at

Our Commitment

NDC is committed to never charging a veteran for our services. A majority of expenses are either absorbed by the board or provided by volunteers, over 90% of contributions are diverted directly towards the aid of our veterans. These include the costs of development of our website, Postage, stationary, etc. Through these concepts we are able to provide the best possible support to our veterans by aiding their counseling, career and educational opportunities as well as helping them secure affordable housing. The NDC pledges to follow continually and run by these principles.

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